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But Rosin’s real point is not about the evidence in favor of nursing’s benefit, but rather the ways in which the to nurse perpetuates gender inequalities, especially in the workplace.

Breastfeeding is one the final reasons for a woman’s decision to leave the workplace and stay home.

When I looked at the picture on the cover of Sears’s –a lady lying down, gently smiling at her baby and still in her robe, although the sun is well up–the scales fell from my eyes: it was not the vacuum that was keeping me and my 21st century sisters down, but another sucking sound. She fallaciously identifies breastfeeding as a cause of gender inequality, rather than a symptom of much deeper inequalities and prejudices.

It is true that woman face a seemingly impossible task if they choose to both work and nurse, but this is not a problem with nursing itself, but the lack of supportive structures that allow women to do both.

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Anyhoo, here are 9 non-threatening leadership strategies for women.The law firm Rothman Gordon was retained by Boilermakers Local Lodge No. Hudson of Neil, Dymott, Frank, Mc Fall, Trexler, Mc Cabe & Hudson APLC was elected as the 2017 President of the Association of Southern California Defense Counsel (ASCDC), one of the nation’s largest State Civil Defense Organizations. Gosseen* Ganfer & Shore, LLP New York, NY Allegations by Muslims of workplace discrimination are rising, with the number of annual complaints more than doubling since 2004, according to Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) data.154 soon after the forced retirement of Raymond Ventrone as Business Manager and during the FBI, U. Department of Labor, and Internal Revenue Service investigations of Mr. In 2009, the EEOC received 1,490 complaints from Muslims, the fifth consecutive year the number of complaints rose.And the pressure to breastfeed is a likely reason we see so few women in positions of power in the workplace.She writes, In Betty Friedan’s day, feminists felt shackled to domesticity by the unreasonably high bar for housework, the endless dusting and shopping and pushing the Hoover around–a vacuum cleaner being the obligatory prop for the “happy housewife heroine,” as Friedan sardonically called her.