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'I was happy to be able to do something like this.' Bouchard agreed, adding: 'I've never played tennis on water before, so now I can say I did that!

Grigor and I played a few points and it was really hot out there, so we were just like, "Let's jump in." We really had so much fun - it's probably the best tournament activity I've ever done!

Once the game was over, Dimitrov, who is dating Maria Sharapova, jumped into the sea with 20-year-old Canadian Bouchard, who was a semi-finalist at the Australian Open in January.

Dimitrov celebrates winning a point against Bouchard during the exhibition match Following their game Dimitrov and Bouchard jumped into the sea to cool off'This is definitely the best experience I’ve ever had on tour,' Dimitrov said.

The highly-rated young duo took a helicopter ride over Acapulco, where the event is based, before battling it out in the heat off the Mexican coast.Belgrade Fortress was built as a defensive structure on a ridge overlooking the confluence of the Sava and the Danube during the period from the 1st to the 18th century.Today the fortress is a unique museum of the history of Belgrade.The complex is made up of the Belgrade Fortress itself, divided into the Upper and Lower Towns (Gornji/Donji grad) and the Kalemegdan Park.Because of its exceptional strategic importance, a fortification – a Roman ‘castrum’ – was erected here at the end of the first century A.