Braces teeth dating

It’s important to know all the details before you decide to get fitted with the aligners at your dentist’s or orthodontist’s office.

There are several advantages to getting Invisalign instead of opting for traditional metallic braces.

Check your braces throughout the evening as well to make sure you’re in the clear.

If you think this sounds too distracting, you may be better off going on non-food related dates until you and your date get to know each other better.

Archaeologists have discovered numerous mummified ancient individuals with what appear to be metal bands wrapped around their teeth.

Catgut, a type of cord made from the natural fibers of an animal's intestines, performed a similar role to today’s orthodontic wire in closing gaps in the teeth and mouth.

If you’re out for a meal, choose a braces-friendly meal.

Invisalign is a clear set of hard plastic aligners that are fitted for your mouth.

They must be checked and replaced over the course of the first couple of months while they work at aligning your teeth into proper position.

I don’t mean the kind of braces to stabilize their legs or body. Now you might think that’s not a very bold statement, lots of girls have braces after-all.

How are Thai girls with braces different than Westerners?