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The validator code basically asks the remote server if an email address script works in localhost but when i connect to server it did not work. I have solved my previous question which i have asked from you i.e i have used the error_reporting to prevent notice from it. The one cause is port no 25 might be blocked for outgoing server so it gives notice connection time out. It give me error like Warning: fsockopen(): unable to connect to (Connection timed out) in and smtp_email_validate_class line no 155. Now I want to ask that this code works if i run this on localhost but when i put this code on web server it did not verify emails the code did not work. That said your only options would be the SMTP RCPT TO or VRFY commands.RCPT TO could be a way to check, as long as you disconnect after issuing it.Step 6 up there, which I paraphrased as "Okay, that's fine," is the receiving mail server telling the sending server that it's okay to send a message to this person; I'll accept the message.Some people believe that a there is a strong correlation between this response and the validity of the recipient's email address.Hi i have used the php script for email validations.The code is working if i check the email address of gmail domain it gives correct result and check email is valid or invalid email. It hints that you are on Windows and the socket is aborting.

Let's use the email address below: For our example, we'll use the first server in the list "" Using a console tool on our desktop or server computer, we can manually "connect" to the mail server "".

Even though SMTP VRFY is long deprecated, many folks have figured out that there's another way to do this -- to check a remote mail server to see if an email address is alive.

What you do is you simulate a connection to the remote mail server, as though you were sending an email message.

Just type the email address you want to validate, select the desired level of verification and submit the form. It features a very fast, multi-threaded verification library that can validate hundreds of email addresses per minute.

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