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Phaedra says she doesn’t do “wild” things like that right now. To me a funeral is the final party, a home-going celebration so I like to make people look good.” Phaedra says she does it all: embalming, lashes, nails, makeup, etc. But, you might get someone passing a little gas.”What has Phaedra learned from working with the dead?

RELATED: PHAEDRA THROWS THE BEST SHADELoni asks Phaedra about the weirdest thing she’s seen so far. “When you see people coming in there from all walks of life – young, old, rich, poor – you realize how important every day is because you don’t know when you’re going to take your last breath.

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Phaedra shared some insights into her experiences working in a funeral home, what’s new in her love life and more. President, who is now 3 years old, had some issues last Halloween and decided that this year he wanted a totally unique costume so nobody else can copy it! President, my baby, had a Halloween meltdown so this year he said he’s going as a plant.

He said ‘no one will have my costume if I’m just a plant’.”Loni Love asks Phaedra about her divorce from Apollo Nida and if she’s ready for a new relationship yet. But, you know, anyone that knows me, watches our show, knows I have several jobssssss, you know, so….” She continues, “What’s most important is being a great mother and I know that whoever dates me has to date my two sons as well.

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The publication confirmed she married a businessman who she met a year ago and began dating a few months later. News saying, "I married the love of my life and the best man I've ever known. before they officially called it quits."It's painful to watch myself at my age tolerating such foolishness from anyone.

This might be due to avoid situations like the public drama that unraveled between her and her ex-boyfriend, Matt Jordan, last year.