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The "snail" in "snail mail" refers to how slow the postal service is compared to email. Penpals can also help you learn about other countries and other cultures.Sometimes, you can practice a foreign language by writing to a penpal in another country.You'll find that even though people are different, people in other countries often have some of the same feelings and problems that you do, and having a penpal can be just plain fun!

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After the Gorkhali troops captured Nuwakot, the neighbouring principality of Kathmandu (Kantipur) in the year 1744, the Gorkhali armed forces came to be known as the Royal Nepalese Army.Nepal unification campaign was a turning point in the history of the Nepalese army.Since unification was not possible without a strong army, the management of the armed forces had to be exceptional.Your request will be posted on the site immediately after it is reviewed by the moderators (ususally within 24 - 48 hours).When you find a pen pal in the list, and you want to contact him or her, click on the "Contact:" link in their listing.