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This is always rationalized as ‘not rushing’, but what it really amounts to is fear of rejection.There is usually a small window of opportunity where you will have a chance to create attraction so strike while the iron is hot, and stop wasting time. Be willing to walk away If you’re treading on eggshells then you wont be open to take risk.But these male dating gurus are not entirely right, either.Behaving like a jerk for too long builds resentment.BETTER SEX, BETTER HEALTH, MORE MONEY: WHAT MEN REALLY GET OUT OF MARRIAGE With my mother, everything was a fight.

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Just as with your health, prevention is the best medicine. Lead Passive men who make their date decide where they’re going and what they’re doing are demonstrating weak character, A. Step it up a couple of notches if you feel the chemistry and try a kiss.Date multiple women Think being solo will make her like you more? Chances are if she’s all you have going on then you’re going to be acting needy because of a lack of options.Having options will not only help you be non-needy, but it will also give you a chance to choose a real match instead of settling just because you got a little attention to fill your lonely void.You need to be willing to let her go and move on if things don’t work out.Don’t act like Gollum in the Lord of the Rings, “My precious…” 6.