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**************************************************************************************** **************************************************************************************** ORDER VINYL - FTLPRECORDS. COM/THE-WINDERMERES-CONTINENTAL-DIVIDE/ NOW **************************************************************************************** **************************************************************************************** Release Details. Street Date: 08/12/16 Vinyl Color (1st Pressing): Arctic Blue Opaque Pressing: 300pcs Ft LP0001 (

ANDREW WINDERMERE - Left Side Guitar, Gang Vocals, Deer in the Headlights BOB VOCAK - Drums, Cymbals, Gang Vocals, Bringer of High Calorie Foodstuffs CHRIS WINDERMERE - Vocals, Right Side Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Noise, Bossy Jerk JOSE TRUJILLO - Bass, Questionable Life Decisions, Beard, Haircut, Points at Things AARON SIDROW - Backing Vocals, Gang Vocals, Songwriting, Pre-Production Drums JARED BRINK - Piano SCOTT RISCH - Vocals on "Fashion Punks" ROSS HOSTAGE - Vocals on "LVS" MARK SWAN - Vocals on "New Year's" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHRIS FOGAL - Engineering (recording, editing, mixing, mastering), Vocal Harmony Arrangement, Making Stupid Ideas Sound Good in Reality, Patience * YERGERT - Art, Design, Layout, Dealing with Chris Windermere's Deadlines KAYLEIGH GUSTKEY - Engineering for Pre-Production JOHNNY "Ft LP" WILSON: Unwavering Support, Backing Vocal Arrangement, Handing Out Deadlines DAN FOX: Intermittent Moral Support, Some Beers ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- All songs by Chris Grassello and arranged by The Windermeres; except, "Donnie, You're Out of Your Element," written by Aaron Sidrow and Chris Grassello, arranged by The Windermeres. I am your clown You barely notice when my blood soaks the ground.

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