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His message came at the end of the year and was both quite startling and stark.He told us, frankly and without sugarcoating of any kind, to expect that all of our personal relationships would be more challenging because of our legal training, especially if we actually went on to practice as lawyers.You bet that men put “intimidating” on a sliding scale; even a lot of the more liberal-minded ones who wouldn’t think twice about a partner with a demanding and well-remunerated career will balk if you suggest that, say, you think your kids should have your last name if you’re the one to gestate and birth them (yes reader I have gotten into that fight, and it was nasty). There are ways to earn big and still score in the mate department: Ms.Domscheit-Berg, who is also active in the European Women’s Management Development International Network, has three bits of advice for well-paid women: Leave the snazzy company car at home on the first date; find your life partner in your 20s, rather than your 30s, before you’ve become too successful.Once you embrace this vision of equality – and start valuing men for things other than their ability to provide for you (when you can already ably provide for yourself), perhaps there’ll be more successful relationships between higher-earning women and lower-earning men. But I’ve consistently fallen in love with significantly less money and it’s always been a problem.

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It works fine, just like it worked fine for my parents, and my relationship with my husband is balanced and wonderful.However, it’s not just the men that have to adapt to the new world order. If you’re a high-earning woman and you out-earn most men, there are two primary reasons you may struggle with relationships: 1) Men don’t necessarily want to date the female version of themselves.The fact that you’re successful, busy, high-powered, etc., isn’t what’s most important to him in a relationship.We share the same values and he's good at everything I'm not (except staying on top of the dishes - we both have to work on that).Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick!