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We exist to provide compassionate, professional concern to every caller.

Our entire team is dedicated to the success of our callers, customers, and co-workers.

HIPAA trained representatives are here to embrace your patients 24/7/365.

Learn More Dexcomm has chosen to serve customers who need the very best in customer service, technology, and communications expertise.

We have highly trained people standing by to help you with any product selection or application questions you might have.

Live chat could turn an undecided site visitor into a lead by popping up to answer the right question at the right time. ” boxes on big business sites like airlines and phone companies, but free and cheap versions make them affordable to small business, too.

We train our staff to “sit in the customer’s chair.” This focus allows our staff to represent you to your clients with your voice, keeping your office functioning normally while you have the opportunity to spend time with your family, challenge the golf course, or just take a nap.

Learn More A new and separate division of Dexcomm specializes in large projects with high call volume.

Beyond the freebies, chats are unlimited and you typically pay a monthly fee based on numbers of operators, plus more features.

As of this writing, Olark’s full-featured, annual contract runs from /month for one operator to 9/month for 15 operators.