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They conducted two studies — one involving a survey using manipulated online dating profiles, and another using a trove of data from an online dating service —that measure people’s attitudes before they form relationships.

The researchers found evidence that people are more inclined to seek dating partners who have similar political characteristics as them but that other factors, such as religion or race, are more significant in determining relationships than political similarity.

Therefore, it offers the opportunity for flexible working time and workplaces. Equal opportunity is an inherent part of our personnel policy.

As a member of the Helmholtz Association, it is part of Germany’s largest science organization.

You can expect a very diverse and challenging job in an international work environment that is characterized by exciting research projects.

Researchers expected that profiles that were presented with high selective self-presentation--those who sounded perfect--and high warranting-- those who provided specifics that could be traced to a real person--would be the most popular.

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