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Though sadly, she is absent from the fall 2016 schedule.You may remember Trey Phillips as one of Conrad's more ambitious high school friends.Allie considers breaking up with Adam after she goes on a date with a model she meets at a photo shoot.When the gang goes to Miami for the weekend, Jay runs into his ex-girlfriend Danielle, and Whitney wonders if the rumors about them might be true after all.When sold by Amazon.com, this product will be manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media. What I loved about Whitney during her time on the hills was her quiet ways of being the calm sensible girl who told Lauren to think about her choices...this series I got to see the other side. Honestly, I only stuck around due to a the Manhattan backdrop and the surprise guest appearance of Lauren Conrad herself.

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After a four-year spell on MTV's "The Hills," Lauren Conrad decided to put her Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising education to work by showcasing her first-ever collection in 2008 at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Los Angeles.Erin runs into an ex-boyfriend, and old feelings begin to return. 16 February 2009Adam kicks Jay out of his apartment so Allie can move in permanently and Jay asks Whitney if he can live with her.Erin's plan to juggle two guys backfires when Duncan and J. meet face-to-face, leaving her all alone on New Year's Eve.Whitney gets upset with Jay for taking Adam's side, and Olivia and Nevan judge the whole scandal.2 February 2009Kelly Cutrone accuses Allie of being too skinny, and Whitney finds herself caught in the middle.