Who was richard dean anderson dating in 1995

As a child, his dream of becoming a professional hockey player ended when he broke both of his arms.He developed an early interest in music, art, and acting.Richard active years started from the year 1976 and his playing as Dr.Jeff Webber is popular among the television industry within the General Hospital which is a popular soap-opera series.

Richard father worked in the insurance company and his mother was a home maker.Anderson feels his best if he frequently "does battle" on the tennis or racquetball court (or engages in another form of competitive sport).Anderson gets a lot of emotional fulfillment through his involvement in groups, clubs, organizations, community activities, or a network of close friends who support and care for him.However, Richard Dean Anderson dislikes showing any personal weakness or his need for support, comfort and nurturing. Richard abhors emotional dependency and dislikes "complainers".Richard Dean Anderson inspires others to take positive action in their lives through his own enthusiasm and eagerness to meet life's challenges, and he is attracted to people who are adventurous, courageous and independent.